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You've heard how amazing tapping is and how millions of people are using this method to reduce stress and anxiety
I will show you how...

Online and In-Person Event Available


We will tap together to release stress...
The power of group tapping is very effective.
Stress and anxiety may ease and you can feel grounded and calm.
You will learn how to use tapping for yourself.
The best gift you can give yourself...


 Hello ! I'm Pearl Lopian,  EFT Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner.

After 14 years and over 4,000 client sessions, I am a Tapping Expert who is dedicated to helping my clients achieve change really quickly. My clients describe me as caring, empathetic, deeply intuitive, highly skilled, patient, experienced, wise, driven, and fun too!  I look forward to our group sessions.

Tuesday, November 15th


Time: 8-9:30pm IST

Cost:  70₪

The address will be provided in the confirmation email

Tuesday, December 15th


Time: 11-12:30pm IST

            9-10:30am UK

Cost:  70₪

Zoom link will be sent via email. 

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