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Group Sessions

Tapping for abundance and wealth

This group is a way to discover our thoughts and beliefs about money, that may be blocking us from attracting it in our lives. Typical money blocks will be

“Other people have money, not me”

“Its hard to make money”

“wanting a lot of money is greedy”

“Its not spiritual to want to have money”


This group is dynamic and fun, and you never know what other positive results might occur as a result of this group dynamic.

Weight loss

A four session package to include scripts - 5 mins homework a day to ensure change is made.

Week 1 - intro and believing we can be the weight we want to be - minimum 2 scripts

Week 2 - what comes up over the week and cravings - 2 scripts

Week 3 - what comes up over the week and emotional eating - 2 scripts

Week 4-  what comes up over the week and strategies for the future  - 4 scripts

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