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I was born in London - the quiet sister in between two brothers; I was scared to use my voice and speak up. After getting married, I moved to Manchester, where I raised my four children.  I then studied Counselling for three years.

​And  it was around  that  time  that  I found  my  true  passion - EFT


I  worked in doctors' clinics and I ran a private practice.


Over fifteen years, I have worked with hundreds of people and ran more than 6,000 individual sessions. I have seen first hand how EFT Tapping can profoundly change lives. 

As a result of my successes, I was invited many times to speak publicly.

I noticed I always refused and made excuses until I realized that EFT is bigger than me.


I’m grateful that just a couple of EFT sessions with my mentor took care of my fears and that was when group work and trainings took off.



and  if  I  have  a  gift  -  it's  my duty to share  it  with  the  world.

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