I was born in London - the quiet sister in between two brothers, naturally, I was quite scared to use my voice and speak up. I moved to Manchester when I got married where I brought up my four children and studied Counselling for three years.

​And  it was around  that  time  that  I found  my  true  passion - EFT.


I  worked in doctors clinics and I ran a private practice. Over fifteen years, I have worked with hundreds of people and ran more than 6,000 sessions. I have seen first hand how EFT Tapping can profoundly change lives. 

As a result of my successes, I was invited many times to speak publicly.
I noticed I always refused and made excuses until I realized that EFT is bigger than me


I’m grateful that just a couple of EFT sessions with my mentor took care of my fears and that was when group work and trainings took off.

and  if  I  have  a  gift  -  it's  my duty to share  it  with  the  world.

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In February 2017, I moved to Jerusalem, Israel. I worked with Victims of Terror to reduce trauma, stress and anxiety.

Today, I  run  a  thriving  private  practice  and  Professional  trainings 
both  in  person  and  online.

I share my skills and wisdom in My Mastery in EFT Program to enable other Practitioners to achieve even better results with their clients.

In addition to my trainings and working privately with clients,  I run a monthly Networking Group called The Tapping Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs to manifest money and abundance. I volunteer one morning a week at Keren Gefen -  where I offer EFT to people with fertility challenges.