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I am always hearing from my clients about how impactful EFT Tapping has been for them!

"I have found that what I was not able to work through in regular therapy, I’ve been able to work through with Pearl and EFT."

Y.E. London  (online client)

“Pearl’s class was beyond amazing. Tapping is a therapy that is a wonder - how quickly she can help us access our deeply hidden memories and feelings. I can’t wait to utilise this tool and I am so grateful to Pearl for teaching it in such a gentle compassionate and comprehensive way".

Rachel Ozick, Participant on Training Course

"My cravings and need for all that sweet food has just gone away."


“Thank you Pearl for giving me my daughter back.”


"Pearl-you wont believe it -I gave birth in 6 minutes after I got to hospital! My four other labours were over 20 hours!!I I  never even thought the tapping would help."


“Five years of Freudian analysis, five years of Jungian theory and EFT is more effective than all of that.“

Psychologist - participant on Level 1 and 2 Training

"Hi Pearl, I did the tapping for the throat pain and ear ache - it has really helped. I have almost no pain and am able to swallow food no problem - which is a 100% improvement on yesterday! Thanks so much!"

Hedva Abel, participant on Tapping Workshop

"Hi Pearl. Tapping has been amazing for me I’ve stopped biting my nails - I hope it lasts !!! .. but best is my son and his messy room - it’s clean no washing on the floor and the bed is made every day!!!! I’m comp baffled and puzzled by the whole phenomena ..."

Participant at Tapping Workshop

"Love that we tap on negative statements and can say exactly how we feel instead of trying to be positive and then the negativity just melts away”

Participant at Intro workshop

"I have lost my craving for coffee and ice cream and cookies.  No one has made much of an impression on me, but Pearl you have really blown me away. You are compassionate and incredibly skilled”

Chani Kay, Participant in Tapping for Abundance group

"Last night my daughter couldn’t sleep bec of a bad dream she had the night before. I sat with her on my bed at 2am tapping. It was amazing to see how she started off with it in her heart and then she said it has moved to her head. She also went down from 4,1,.5 We did some deep breathing and she went happily back to sleep. Thanks for teaching me this invaluable tool that I am now able to do with my children."

Mother and surrogate tapper

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