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Every month, I run two groups at The Tapping Cafe in Jerusalem. 


At the group for Women Entrepreneurs, we network, share what we do, and then we tap to attract money, success, and abundance into our lives. We clear emotional blockages that may be stopping us from shining our light.

The second meetup is open to anyone looking to release stress, anxiety, and negative emotions in a safe and confidential space. There is lots of Tapping, and you will learn Tapping techniques that you can do on your own. 

Here is some feedback from the women entrepreneurs group:

Pearl, remember we tapped on Sunday - “I choose to receive two new paying clients this week.  Yesterday, I got two new clients!!” - You cant make it up! "

“ I feel that since I attended the Tapping Cafe, I have gained a feeling of clarity and resourcefulness in my life and business.  Thank you! "

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