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In a session with me you tap on yourself
and your child/teen can release their anxieties and fears.

They can be in another country - you don't have to see them or speak to them.
For parents of children age 0-60

Advantages of Surrogate Tapping:


  • Takes away the helpless feelings parents may experience around their child’s issue

  • The relationship between parent and child improves

  • The Parent is able to articulate the issues and may have insights or remember things a child may not

  • A Parent is close enough to tune into and feel their child’s issue and tap it away.


Stories and Testimonials:

My client’s 18-year-old son had a habit of pulling hairs out of his head, and had bald patches.

He was away at university, and told his mum on the phone - "I just can’t help it - I wish I could stop."

I tapped with Mum on the desired outcome that his hands would stay by his side and he'd have thick hair once again.

One session.

Three weeks later, Mum wrote that he came home and his hair had grown back. She told me the following, which gave me goosebumps …

“My son said: 'Mum I don’t quite know what happened. I think it was a miracle - something in me just didn’t want to do it anymore..."




"Hi Pearl, I have noticed so many positive changes since our Surrogate Tapping session a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is so much more relaxed and opens up with me and tells me how she feels now. She has never done this before, thank you so much!"


On the way to school every day my daughter passes a house with lots of cats outside, and she normally crosses the road as she has a huge fear of cats. Since last week, she has walked straight past the house which is such an improvement! Thank you, Pearl”


A Mum came to see me because her 4-year-old child Daisy had started stuttering.

We tuned into Daisy’s energy, and I asked the Mum when it started

A memory popped in.

A neighbour had come over with her baby. Everyone was delighted over this baby. Mum recalls taking the baby on her lap and saying to Daisy - "come and see how gorgeous she is!"

We tuned into Daisy’s response and realized that she must have felt her Mum was not interested in her anymore. We Tapped until it felt cleared.

Within a couple of days, Daisy's stutter was gone...

Mum reported that a couple of weeks later, she was out with Daisy and they happened to meet the neighbour with her baby.

That night, Daisy started stuttering again!

Luckily it was temporary and by the next morning, she was fine.


"Surrogate Tapping with Pearl has been amazing. My son has so many fears, and getting him to eat food is a struggle, as he felt scared by so many foods. This week, he started eating chicken. Even better- he is smiling again."

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