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This is when  EFT really comes into its own and you experience the amazing results of using these techniques. When you go for an EFT therapy  session, you will start with an issue that is bothering you. You may have tried regular talk therapy, and found just talking about an issue, hasn’t cleared your problems.

When you do EFT during a therapy session, not only does it calm the brain down, with a clever use of words by me, the Practitioner, the subconscious area of the brain opens up. This allows you to see what is going on the deeper mind that makes you behave the way you do. Once we
find what is there, we will use more tapping techniques to clear away the trauma, memories, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

In a private session, we will talk but we won’t analyze or interpret. We’ll use words to focus on your subjective experience in order to change it.  At the same time as we talk you will tap on a few points on the face and body.


With my gentle and skilled use of questions while tapping , you will quickly locate the root cause of your issue that may have been out of your conscious awareness. We will then use more tapping to clear it away.

So … EFT can be used for negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, core issues, painful memories, trauma, relationship issues, physical pain, children issues, anxiety, stress, weight issues, fertility issues,  money issues, work performance; the list goes on and on. 

Anything that has an emotional component will respond well to EFT.


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