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You have completed your training. You may have completed Advanced Training.
Now what!

There is always more to learn.


My mission is for you to be the most effective Practitioner you can be. After thousands of sessions with hundreds of clients, I bring my wisdom and skills to these groups. These workshops are designed to help you improve your EFT skills, so that you can be even more effective, whether you have just completed Level 2 training, or you are a seasoned EFTer. Practical EFT with tips, wisdom, demos, Topics include teddy bear tapping, surrogate tapping, parts work, inner child work, double speed tapping, skilled questioning, running groups, lots of practice together. This is for you, wherever you are on your EFT Journey. 

We will meet once a month on a Monday at 6-7pm UK Time. Each month there will be a new topic. If you miss a week, you will have access to the recording. 

There will also me a Mentoring Session each month, which which fills the requirements for mentoring hours according to EFT International. 

Additionally, there will be an "Anything you Want" hour each month. This could be for questions you may have about Tapping, demos, or Tapalongs, a time to connect with other EFT Practitioners, or anything you wish!

Join me in my Mastery in EFT Program for EFT Practitioners. 

The cost is £47 a month.  

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