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Lvl 2 Training
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Starting Jan 18

Level 2 EFT Training 

4 Week Course
12 Hours Online

    I want you to be the best EFT Practitioner you can be. I want you to have a huge impact on your clients and help them resolve their issues simply. This training is for those who have completed Level 1. My training groups involves lots of demos and practice. I have run thousands of client sessions so i bring a huge wealth of experience and knowledge of what gets results. – what questions to ask, how to uncover core issues and sources of issues easily and simply.

    You will take the techniques you have learned so far and become confident and learn the art of the EFT . You will learn how to run sessions from start to finish, how to get quickly to the root of a problem, more clearing techniques, how to deal with limiting beliefs, core issues, working with children.

Become a master of this amazing skill that is at your fingertips

Each week will Meet:
4:00-7:00pm UK time
11:00am-2:00pm USA EST
   6:00-9:00pm Israel time 

Cost:   £420   $510   1800₪ 


Are you planning to continue your training certification?

BIT 058-792-9110

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