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Benefits of Group Tapping

Shared Energy & Support

Collective healing: Group energy enhances the effectiveness of tapping.


The need to dive deep into past memories and traumas may be reduced.


While each individual’s story may be different, emotions may be similar, so tapping along with another's words will help you heal.

Community support: Being part of a group provides a sense of belonging and support.​

Safe Environment

Non-Judgmental Space: This Group will be a safe, non-judgmental environment to express your feelings and issues openly.

Confidentiality: This will be a confidential safe space to share personal issues. Sessions will NOT be recorded.


Affordable: Group sessions are more cost-efficient than one-on-one therapy.


Shared Resources: You will be provided with useful materials, such as tapping scripts, videos and other freebies over the course of the sessions.

Gaining from Others

Diverse perspectives: Tapping along with others in a group setting as they address their issues, can provide new information and insights into your own challenges. You may discover new aspects of your issues you hadn’t considered. Memories will seemingly pop in as if from nowhere and you will have the opportunity to release them.


Variety of issues addressed: Exposure to a range of problems addressed in the group may expand your understanding and application of tapping techniques.

Consistency and Accountability

Regular Practice: Scheduled group sessions ensure you practice tapping regularly, which is crucial for long-term benefits.

Accountability: Being part of a group holds you accountable to continue your tapping practice and attend sessions regularly.

Enhanced Motivation and Inspiration

Success Stories: Hearing success stories from group members can be highly motivating and inspiring, reinforcing your belief in the process.


Peer Motivation: The progress of other group members can inspire you to stay committed and optimistic about your own journey.

Surrogate Tapping

Experience a unique method to help your loved ones through the power of thought and tapping. This method can alleviate the helplessness of being around a family member struggling with their issues. Your loved one doesn’t need to take any action—they will simply feel the positive change.


Surrogate Tapping can be done for any ages from 0-60+!


Expanded Healing: Extend the benefits of the group to those around you

While group tapping does not replace individual therapy, the results can be therapeutic.

You will feel the transformation. 

You will feel calmer.

Your thoughts will be clearer.

You will function better.

You will love yourself more.

Your loved ones will feel the difference.

It's a win win! 

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Join the Online Tapping Cafe

With Pearl Lopian, Master Trainer & EFT Practitioner


The Online Tapping Cafe is a supportive group designed to help you heal from emotional and physical issues through the power of group tapping. The group will meet every second Tuesday on Zoom.

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