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Surrogate Work

Discover the unique power of tapping for someone else.

Did you know that you can help your child release and relieve their anxiety and fears, when YOU do a tapping session with me? 


Read Kate's Story:

I came to see Pearl for support with my 4 year old daughter, Indigo, who had been struggling to sleep through the night for what felt like years. I was broken and couldn’t remember what a good night of sleep felt like, having been woken up 5 or 6 times a night since she was a tiny baby. After a particularly bad night, I was speaking with a colleague at work who said I had to make contact with Pearl to investigate surrogate EFT tapping. At this point, I knew a little bit about the concept of EFT and how it can be used to create balance in our energy system, in turn relieving physical or emotional distress. But how could this technique be used to help my daughter with her sleep issues? I was intrigued, and desperate to try anything that might help. However, there was also a healthy amount of scepticism too, especially in regard how working on my energy could directly impact Indigo.


Pearl and I set up our first online session and quickly got to work. Pearl asked me to describe the issue with Indigo, and almost immediately some memories of childhood popped into my head. These were memories from when I was around 4 years old, which I don’t remember ever being conscious of before. Working with Pearl, I tapped on different parts of my body whilst describing these images, which essentially helped to down down the charge they held for me. I was also encouraged to say where I felt the emotion in my body and to tap whilst describing this feeling. Again, very quickly I was able to dial down the charge and physical experience of this emotion. During our second session we got even deeper, with some images & memories coming up for me that I hadn’t even considered may be related to the sleep issues that my daughter was experiencing. Again, we worked quickly to release these blocked memories and emotions. 


After both sessions there was a real sense of relief and calmness. I found the sessions surprisingly emotional as I don’t think I realised how much anxiety had been building up inside of me surrounding all of this. I also felt amazed that things that had happened to me so long ago, things that I barely remember, were somehow still manifesting inside of me and creating sleep issues for Indigo.


Since the sessions the difference in Indigo’s sleep has been remarkable. Whereas before she would wake 5 or 6 times during the night calling for me, now she will wake only once or even sleep through, which is unheard of! It’s been an incredible change, and one that has helped me to get my energy levels back and to consider living life again, rather than going to bed at 8pm every night just to survive. Interestingly, it’s also impacted other areas of my life and I feel much calmer overall. Whereas I used to have an anxious feeling in my chest, this has definitely dissipated. 


Throughout the whole experience, Pearl was supportive, intuitive and worked very quickly. I felt like she helped me to get to the route of the issue in a matter of minutes, and I am not sure I would ever have joined the dots without her. Therefore, if you have emotional concerns with your child I urge you to consider surrogate EFT tapping with Pearl. It could be life changing!!

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