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I'm Pearl.

I was born in London - the quiet sister in between two brothers, quite scared to use my voice and speak up.


I moved to Manchester when I got married where I brought up my four children.


I studied Counselling for three years and it was around that time that I found my true passion - EFT. 

I have worked in doctors clinics and I run a private practice.


Over twelve years, I have worked with hundreds of people and run thousands of sessions. I have seen first hand how EFT Tapping can profoundly change lives.


I was asked to speak publicly to groups, run courses, but what about my fear of speaking out! 

I’m the quiet girl with who is scared to be heard.

I refused to speak publicly; always made an excuse until I realised EFT is bigger than me and if I have a gift - it's my duty to share it.


Luckily just a couple of EFT sessions with my mentor Gwyneth Moss, one of the UK masters, took care of my fears and that was when group work and trainings took off.

In addition I worked for nine years for Camp Simcha UK, an

organisation that supports families with life threatening conditions

My role was to establish the Camp Simcha branch in Manchester and offer practical and emotional support to the parents, to recruit volunteers to “buddy” the children and to raise the profile of the organisation in the Manchester community.

I sadly had to step down from that position when I moved to Israel in 2017.

Once in  Israel I discovered the demand to train in EFT is huge.

Today, I run training all over Israel and in London.

I run my busy private practice from my home in Jerusalem and work with clients in person and all over the world via the internet.

For the first year after arriving in Israel I volunteered one day a week at One Family Organisation to help victims of terror.

In addition to my trainings and working privately with clients, I  volunteer one morning a week at Keren Gefen -  where I offer EFT to  people with fertility challenges.

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About EFT Tapping

What is EFT?


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is commonly known as Tapping.


This is a simple and  powerful method which involves tapping on specific acupuncture points on the face  and the body while verbalising or tuning into a thought.


The tapping sends a calming message to the the brain and helps one to feel better and release stress. 


We always feel what we are thinking.  For example if you are late for a meeting, or upset about some news you have heard, you may experience a constriction in your body.  Your natural flow of energy has been blocked.  That is the mind body connection. 

When we tap, this energy system is interrupted.

The blockage that has been blocked becomes unblocked, clear flow is restored, thoughts loosen and you  feel better.

Anyone can tap for themselves.

EFT Therapy

This is when  EFT really comes into its own and you experience the amazing results of using these techniques.

When you go for EFT therapy  session, you will start with an issue that is bothering you.  You may have tried regular talk therapy, and found just talking about an issue, hasn’t cleared your problems.

When you do EFT during a therapy session, not only does it calm the brain down, with a clever use of words by the Practitioner, the subconscious area of the brain opens up.  

This allows you to see what is going on the deeper mind that makes you behave the way you do.  


Once we find what is there, we will use more tapping techniques to clear away the trauma, memories,  stuck beliefs and negative thoughts.  

So … EFT can be used for negative thoughts, feelings, emotions. core issues, painful memories, trauma, relationship issues, physical pain, children issues, anxiety, stress,  weight issues, fertility issues,  money issues, work performance.  The list goes on and on. Anything that has an emotional component will respond well to EFT.

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