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So what does it take to be an effective and skilled Practitioner?

EFT Tapping Therapy is best learned in bite sized chunks, and

our training does not overload you but builds up the techniques one at time.


These training courses are accredited by EFT International,

the most widely recognized EFT association in the world.

EFTi Level I Training

A 12 hour course - typically runs over 2 days.

In Level I you will learn the basics behind the art and science of EFT theory and practice.

Topics Covered:


•    What is happening when we tap? Principles of meridian energy and some history

•    Practical demonstrations and exercises to experience EFT,

•    Learn the tapping points and tapping with others

•    How to use EFT for daily annoyances, worries and stress

•    Understand trauma and how it gets stuck in the body

•    How to clear the effect of painful  memories with EFT

•    The skill of asking good questions

•    How to be specific and find the right words to use

•    How to get to the root of issues faster

•    EFT approaches for aches and pains

•    EFT approaches for compulsions and cravings

•    Demos and practice

Who is the EFT Training Level I Course for?

There are 3 types of people who benefit from EFT training courses.


  1. People who want to train to become a qualified certified EFT Practitioner.

  2. Therapists, coaches and health-care professionals learn to integrate this technique in their work with their clients.

  3. People who want to learn a powerful self-help technique, for their own personal development and to help their family.

After the training, you will receive an attendance certificate.

You can now incorporate EFT into your own coaching or therapy practice for minor issues or simply use it effectively for your own issues or with your children.

Contact me to book your place for my next training program.

EFTi Level II Training

Level II

A 12 hour course typically running over 2 days, the EFT Level II course will take you from the simple basic Level I approach to EFT to a more free-flowing, intuitive style of working.  This will be the practical application of all you have learned in Level I in greater depth and detail.  A deep exploration of unfolding key core issues and events begins here.


These more advanced concepts and approaches will extend your toolkit of techniques and lift your practice of EFT towards a professional level.


You will gain a greater understanding of the origins of issues and how to tackle particular types of issue.  Plenty of practice time is allowed in a safe and supervised environment so that you become familiar with the new material and develop confidence in the techniques. 

Topics Covered:


•   Bringing it all together, the track through an EFT session

•   Gain confidence in the skills you have learned in Level 1

•   Learn to run EFT sessions from beginning to end

•   How to approach a potentially intense issue, or get started with a vague problem when the person doesn’t know

     what it’s about

•   More techniques for clearing emotions and effects of past trauma

•   Working with PTSD

•   Addressing physical issues

•   Understand how to work with Core issues, and limitings-beliefs,

•   Learn how to use your intuition

•   The skillful use of affirmation and intention

•   Learn how to use EFT with children

•   Demos and practice, practice, practice in a supervised environment

To complete certification:

50 Practice sessions - minimum 45 mins

4 case studies - one of which has to be how you have used it personally and

6 hours mentoring

Multiple choice online exam

Contact me to book your place for my next training program.

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